Synthetic versions of Marijuana and Cocaine more dangerous than the real deal…

How many more sons or daughters will suffer the ultimate consequence (death) of the “drug war” because they chose the “Legal” alternative instead of the “Real Deal”.

More and more cases popping up, reporting adverse reactions to synthetic versions of drugs such as Marijuana and Cocaine, “Spice” or “bath salts” or the latest “Gravel” …

The illegal black market for drugs, has created another black market for “Legal” versions of these currently illegal drugs.

Lets all ACKNOWLEDGE.. that on planet EARTH, we like to experiment with drugs… we are anyway, chemistry beings … so it actually seems natural to me, for us as humans to want to explore and experience altered states of consciousness/awareness.

How much more pressure is required before we legalize and regulate all drugs? I am pro-choice, no government or authority figure can tell me what I can and cannot put into my body. I believe in legalized drugs sold to individuals of age ie. (19+ in Canada)

Do your kids a favour, if you have kids around that age of experimenting, educate them properly, if they want pot, then they should be able to get it from their parents without having to hide in shame (of course only if they are of reasonable age/maturity) etc..

I know, if I ever have a son or daughter, the first joint they smoke, will be, with me, and  grown by me.



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