DEA Agent – Michele Leonhart – Slams Obama for Pot Remarks???

Michelle leonhart

First it was Ann Coulter, now this woman??? Where do these SCUM get off with these ideas? Yes Michele you are a SCUM so much as Ann Coulter is.

Michele Leonhart cannot even say whether or not HEROIN is more dangerous than marijuana or meth…but when the CEO of USA says Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol (jeopardizing her job) then and only then, when her job is at risk, she feels the need to spit out her insignificant two-cent opinion. YOU TAKE ORDERS FROM THE PRESIDENT… Know your ROLE JABRONI! Move over because WEED will be LEGALIZED…

Everyone needs to watch the video below, and then READ the actual article

What a LOSER she is. She cannot engage in intelligent discussion about the DRUGS, she is supposedly an EXPERT on… my goodness.. how did shit ever get to this point?? Just watching the video of her makes me sick. What an INCOMPETENT person she is!  Does she even have a brain?

When I reflect and look back at all these people getting stirred up over legalizing weed, it quietly brings me happiness, because to me its showing they are worried, and they fucking better be, their stupid game is coming to an end soon. WERE WINNING THIS WAR!


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