Job Search is a Job itself

I Haven’t had much creative thought lately, as much of my attention right now these past couple days is on getting a job. See, and I know its not what I want to do, but its what I need right now to keep payin rent and bills. I eventually want to work for myself, so the idea and concept of trading my time for labour at price X is a crazy idea.. but I very well know, that experience can lead to exposure and opportunities, and thus the reason why changing career paths is not always such a bad idea, however crazy it may seem at the time..

This job search is sort of a “learning ground” until I am back on my feet. If anyone has any cool job ideas or tips, please feel free to share/comment..

10 Reasons why you should not get a job – Steve Pavlina

I read Steve Pavlina’s Article above a while ago, and re-read it as a refresher.. Steve Pavlina has an amazing array of articles on his blog, highly recommended!

I will push forward with a product review/reccomendation for the week.. for this week its the LIFE STRAW



I bought 4 of these bad-boys from Europebound. I keep two in the trunk of my car in case of emergencies and 2 back at home. I was unaware of the CAUSE for life-straw, more or less, I bought 4 of them for my own personal safety in the event of an emergency. Since I am aware of the cause now, I would encourage everyone to purchase 1 or 2 for themselves and a gift for a family member to support this cause.

For the price of merely $25.00 you get the power to filter up to 1000 litres or 250 gallons of water for something that can fit into your pocket. Talk about cool-tech reviews!!

I look forward to keeping you all up to date with my job-hunt. I would love to be able to generate income from my blog somehow, so if any of you have some creative passive income ideas, I would be open to some mentoring and light guidance!



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