Ann Coulter – “Potheads can’t perform any useful jobs”

Ann Coulter… I do not know where the hell you get off with this kind of bullshit. Lets consider a first-fact here, that is, that you are reporting on something you personally have never tried nor consumed.

Lets also consider that since YOUR Friends are ATHLETES, they as you say dont use pot or smoke it. Which everyone knows is complete bullshit. I cant believe she even got air-time to purport this Reefer Madness nonsense.. then again, this is Piers Morgan’s CNN so… I guess it makes sense, her half-thought out argumental stance on marijuana. She truly represents in the video above, what it means to be a “dumb naive” kind of person.

Listen Ann Coulter, I smoked cannabis since I was 18, I am 26. I smoked all 5 years throughout my military service. Never once did I get caught or discharged or arrested for Cannabis while serving my country. I can finally proudly announce, “I GOT AWAY WITH IT”

Thats right. I smoked POT while serving in the Canadian military. Its not a big surprise, lots of people do, and lots of careless people get caught. I was a cut above most, and never really let my guard down to “get caught” so to speak, it wasn’t very hard to pull off. I sometimes smoked inside my car, right on base infront of the barracks, which were routinely patrolled by Military Police. In fact, I think I experimented with MORE drugs when I was in Uniform as a RegF soldier than I did on my own as a teenager. There is lots of drug use among the ranks of Canadian Forces personnel, its not a popular subject of discourse because it ruins the brand you see. I once got pulled over while still serving in the military, for speeding, had 5 grams on me and the Cop gave it back to me. Shit, in hindsight, I probably should have slipped him a Gram for the favour!!

Mrs. Coulter,

Lastly, if you claim, pot discourages people from being productive or makes them “useless” how come then, marijuana is on the banned substances list from the olympics? Because they believe it may have some actual performance enhancing effect clearly, or why else would it be on the banned list of substances they test for.

Your argument sucks. You’re outnumbered by far better arguments,  to me, it sounds like you SHOULD be smoking pot.  Your argument is mis-guided, very unpopular, and science proves otherwise.  Go back and crawl underneath the dusty rug you came from!





    1. Oh wow, I was completely unaware of that book lol..
      thanks for the share!

      damn, she looks like she’s on the rails, rail thin in that picture.. she looks damn gross with or without makeup. what a horse face.

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