I Got up this morning and ….

Cleaning the piece in the morning, but not paying attention = not smart. Broke part of the glass piece, I was holding it and broke it, see below.

stem for bowl busted off main piece.

stem for bowl busted off main piece.

The glass stem got stuck, I broke the glass by trying to pry it loose. 

second angle

second angle

..Since my stem and bowl were intact I figured this would work out, and it does. Its decent patch up for now, until I get another proper glass piece. I want to get the strongest grade glass as possible next time around..  So here you can see I just slapped a piece of tape, orange duct tape to seal the glass tube in place for the bowl to sit, seems to work, its a band-aid fix literally… pretty damn ghetto.

bong bandaid

bong bandaid

Just glad and fortunate I didn’t dice up my hand.. completely caught off guard with this in the morning.. kind of annoying, but puts me in a situation where I can retire this one and search out a new piece..

Meanwhile, I forgot to share this video a while ago, friend passed it on to me, I thought it was quite hilarious,





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