Running, Cannabis, and Meditation


Its been a subtly known to myself, that after running, or good physical exertion, smoking a joint or takin’ a rip out of a bong usually pronounces an extremely good high. Running would be for no less than 20 minutes, or if you can do a 5km in 15, that level of exertion is preferable..  I also notice, during my run, the first 5 minutes of it or so, is my mind just all over the place until I reach the silent space, mindfulness.

A good routine I practice is, as I said, 20 minutes or so of good physical exertion, be it a training regime such as, doing squats/pushups with jumping jacks for 20 minutes, or a good paced run for 20 minutes or 5 km in 15 min level of exertion. Follow that with your cool down, a shower, a joint in silence – moving into meditation. I find approaching meditation this way, allows me to reduce the cluttered thinking way beforehand, and the joint would be the icing on top of the cake, so to speak. It enables me to easily slip out of ordinary thinking, into the silent mind space of relaxation. This is where real work  gets done, is it not?

I think the effects of the cannabis are more pronounced after running and sweating is due to perspiration. I suspect that perhaps from the act of sweating, binded THC to fat is burned off somehow or freed up, and therefore the first smoke hits harder than the rest because your cells have been shaken up and “cleansed” .. albeit briefly. If you think in terms of saturation it sort of makes sense, that your cells get saturated with THC after smoking a certain amount, the only way to fix that saturation would be to exercise and excrete excess THC by urination?  I am just trying logic here .. but the above regime I found has been quite effective.. I encourage anyone that practices meditation to give it a whirl…






  1. I have been having such a hard time getting back into my workout routine, especially since ankle and foot surgery left me laid up most of this past year. Thanks to your post here, I will have new incentive! Because meditation is also something I need to make more time for. Good post!

    1. Thanks!

      its like taking a small journey without going anywhere, can be done with or without consuming mind altering drugs.. if only more people were aware of the benefits from that sort of mindfulness, stopping the regular chatter for 10-15 minutes each day


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