My First inhale..


As promised, I am going to share with you all my first experience. First time I messed with anything, was with a friend, Adam. It wasn’t weed, it was hashish. Very nice hashish might I add.

 I was 17 and living in Italy at the time. I was stayin the night at his place not too far from mine. We were students, attending an American based school at the US Naval Base in Gricignano in Naples Italy. It was called Naples American High School, or NAHS  for short. Home of the “WildCats” perfect.

Adam always gave me a hand in our Geometry class, because holey shit, did I suck at math, I got algebra down for the most part, but geometry and trig was difficult for me. He was always there for me when I needed help, and so we hung out quite a bit, we’d skateboard around on base or off base, it didn’t really matter. Unknown to me, he was going to open my eyes up to something that I found to be very profound, hashish.

Anyway, back at Adam’s place we smoked this joint, my first time, and it just felt amazing, I was laughing pretty damn hard for a long time, eventually we got hungry as hell, we scoffed back some chinese leftovers I think, played some bowling on the TV, and passed the hell out.

I woke up rested, and then the chord struck. So “why is this illegal?” I questioned in slient thought.. it didn’t make sense, why such a thing would be illegal considering how much enjoyment I just experienced the night prior. Little did I know that, the inquisitive Me would set out on a path to find out for myself, more about this incredible plant.

After that one session with Adam, I don’t think we smoked again ever if I recall, I think it was because I ended up going to the private school, Canadian College Italy. The next time I smoked, it was some actual herb instead of hashish.. I was 18 at this time around.

This experience took part in a small bush,  right near the gym (Palestra Perfect) in Lanciano Chieti Italy, I was with a friend Bobby, and about 3 other people. We had about 2 joints lit going around, and it took about 10 minutes for me to notice the high. If you look below, we were a small group in the bushes on the right side, It was sunnier out and a lot more Green vegetation as present, which made the experience even better!

Palestra Perfect

Palestra Perfect

A sudden onset of dry mouth ensued, I got really thirsty, but I was feeling great, very lifted, lots of sensory enhancement.. we all mustered up strength to stand up, this was a heavy indica stone. We started the walk back to our residence to go chill in the dorms. We walked to a little pastry shop and grabbed a few donuts along the way of course.

I really noticed the time slow down, I caught myself glancing at my watch every 2 minutes, as if it had felt like, forver, came and went. Time was really slowed down, thin. gs appeared “cartoonish” to my best description .the wind seemed extra strong that day, as it sounded super-loud and cold as we walked down the bridge.

Lanciano bridge

Bridge in Lancanio

Here’s the same bridge from another angle/view,

different angle of the bridge

different angle of the bridge

I very much remember the sensory enhancement I felt when I first had this experience. It was amazing, and again, I found myself wondering how such a plant could be illegal. Why? WHY? WHY?

I set about to research other people’s research on Cannabis, its effects and potential benefits for people suffering from illness and cancer and aids, later during the course of my study at Canadian College Italy. I was so fortunate to try many varieties of hashish in Italy, as we were not exactly too far from Morocco, it would be hard to believe that some of the hash we were getting wasn’t imported from there.

Italy is where I spent all my high school years, it is also the place and country I first ever blazed, which is Ironic, because I am Canadian. I think if we didn’t move from BC to  Italy in 2002 then I would have experienced herb a lot sooner and in the best province ever, BC!! …but either way, I am happy I bumped into this plant and have had nothing short of great experiences with it!

Coming out of BC, I was living at 710 Kipling st Warfield, It was 15 minutes down the hill from Red Mountain resort. I learned to snowboard at 12 years old, I was snowboarding either by myself or with friends down this mountain, It was amazing. Ohhh how I wish I could just return back to the very moment in time when I was snowboarding over there!!

Rolling doobs

Young me, rolling doobs, up to no good in Italy, LOL
circa ’06

Everyone has a “First Inhale” experience to share, so lets hear it !! Share it up, comment or link to it!




    1. lol yes… it was all that was going around at the time where i was at that moment.. now i can hardly get my hands on any nice gold hash, (having moved back to Canada) although that might change soon =)

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