DEA agent, SCARED of a Plant that makes you silly? Like Really??

My personal Di-section of the video below

(I had to pause several times to get all this down, but I got’er done!)

A grown man, DEA official James L. Capra admits in the video above that legalization of Marijuana Scares him and the whole DEA. Apparently he’s a spokes person/mind reader for  these “education people”  “treatment people” and “Law enforcement” as a whole (WRONG! there exists a group called “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” LEAP

This chump, the Sr. DEA Enforcement official, was asked about his view on the new policy by Sen. Crassley, who claimed the DEA announced it will not enforce some drug laws in some states that hold to have some other policy towards marijuana.

He starts speaking on behalf of the department of the DEA instead of providing his “own view“….After his opening line about the department (DEA) putting out a policy in which the US Attorney and Prosecutors would consider the 8 different factors in prosecuting cases relative to Marijuana. He never gives examples what those 8 factors are nor explains what they are.

He then continues to say..( as if it were accurate classification to Cannabis), that ” Marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance and its still illegal. Were still enforcing the law

I  referred to wikipedia  to clarify “schedule 1” me being Canadian and all, I am somewhat ignorant to American Law, so I had to look it up to understand. You will be shocked to learn that they still consider or claim that “cannabis” has ZERO “accepted medical use in treatment in the United States” is a goddamn outright lie! He ought to watch this video then! and he should know, how many states have accepted its medical value, after all he is an “official” and thus ought to be a subject matter expert.

(There exist ZERO scientific evidence or research to suggest that there is “zero medicinal value” in Marijuana, show me that study, where is it?)

Schedule 1 Drugs meet the following criteria

  1. The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
  2. The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
  3. There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

Except as specifically authorized, it is illegal for any person:

  1. to manufacture, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense, a controlled substance; or
  2. to create, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to distribute or dispense, a counterfeit substance.

This bobble-head, then goes on to spout about how brainwashed he is, by saying “I Have to tell you this, I have to say this” by voicing his resume, as if that is an emergency, or like we even care to know how long you’ve been in the DEA for, and is if this is relevant to make a case???.. H’es got 27 years as a DEA agent (here’s a cookie) 34 years in Federal Government (here’s your 2nd cookie you pig). 

Next comes the Father statement, how is that related to the question???? His wife has simply “hung out with for 32 years” way to down play your marriage on national TV bud, you ought to be proud of your wife. He talks like they are simply friends which would indicate, lacking intimacy maybe?.. those are not the type of words you describe a successful-loving marriage with.. but anyway keep digging the hole.. he’s been serving the country since he was 18 years old (There, now I understand how he got to be so brainwashed.. as 18 years old are pretty impressionable.)

He then tries to build rapport or re-establish his credibility by alluding to when he went with Sen. Crassley to Redding California to establish an office for “Meth“, (again unrelated.. get on with it already)

He indicates that going down the path of legalization is “irresponsible and wreckless” but neglects to explain why.. he dodges explaining why its “irresponsible and wreckless” by focusing on his worries for the “Future“. Buddy, stay in the “NOW” stay present.

(What has happened since 1 Jan 2014? People got stoned. So what? Big fucking deal, because all those that bought their marijuana from a dispensary had to wave their Drivers license to prove their age.. the acceptable age to make the decision to consume is 21. So don’t even dare try to play the “for the kids” card you scum.)

The long term impact of legalization, it- it scares us!!” Declared by DEA Official James L. Capra… (WOooo the big evil weed on the scare-prowl.. give me a break.. ) He continues to say or lay claim to the fact that “in every part of the world where this ‘experiment’ has been tried, it has failed, time and time again“.. fuck I hate how people relate this societal change and adaptation/trend, as an “experiment” … and PARDON ME Sir?… but the Netherlands appears to have zero if any issues to date, so, it has not failed there.

I just love how he states that in “10 years from now people will knock on this door, asking how did we get where we are getting“.. (it appears to me, he has psychic powers or is a time-traveller? How can he be so certain that this is what will happen? Have we got a MERLIN on our hands here? Tell me more about the future, please!! What else is in store for us, good Sir?)

Ugh, Next was the Afghanistan mention which didn’t seem relevant at all.. okay he then furthers with that it will cost them socially, that there lay ahead some kind of social consequence to legalizing marijuana.. Obamacare should be at the top of that list!! If anything, Marijuana Legalization across the nation would make your country wealthy you dolt…

The worst argument he makes next is that dispensaries could benefit from laundering or washing money from meth sales into the Marijuana dispensaries.. like really?

He pretty much closes out with referring to the “Kids” and “traffickers who live off of the back of addiction” to strike heart-strings with Sen. Feinstein (who i’ll say is sounding a lot like Nancy Regan 2.0 ) He finishes by a apologizing for his “excitement”.

Anyway Friends, this so called “Official” is just noise to the wind. He talks a lot of bullshit without any kind of backing or support. He never once cites any evidence or research nor does he provide any. His points and words are of no merit. He ought to go back to school to learn how to make an informed reply to a relatively simple question, but since he lacks the education to do so he has to skirt around and babble more propaganda like the “Good government employee” he has been conditioned to be…. not to mention he needs to defend his job here as he has 6 mouths to feed. We get it. But at least try to formulate a coherent arguement backed by research or at least have some ammo to back up your statements with, but because he cannot, he resorts to fear mongering and attempts to play heart-strings…. that was utterly depressing to watch. Click Here to Learn Why the DEA is un-reliable!!

(his excessive “EXCITEMENT” could be enough to justify a medicinal cannabis license, he ought to reconsider! Appears to me he needs to chill out a bit)

NEW Report : Dutch Government (Department of Security and Justice) has just published a significant report, researched by the RAND Drug Policy Research Centre.  The full PDF, in English, can be downloaded here.

Were A Step Closer .. 



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