Nutrition to help re-shape the world??

This was perfect for lunch today, home made chicken caesar salad with a green shake!! Packed with nutrients!!

This was perfect for lunch today, home made chicken caesar salad with a green shake!! Packed with nutrients!!

I’ve speculated this for some time now, that the reasoning behind the way the world is, is because most of the people in the world are “sick” and some are completely oblivious to the fact. I know, because, I was. It is poor diets that leads to lower levels of thinking or thoughts. Example, when you eat fast food which are usually high in sugars, fats, carbohydrates and salt, you get tired afterwards, leading you to become unproductive, putting your mind into a slump. That was my personal experience, observation, and I don’t doubt there isn’t a person out there who cannot relate to that.

We’ve all heard or are familiar with the old adage, “You are, what you eat”. A thought just popped into my head recently, that if we want to “change the world for the better” it all starts with YOU. It starts with the individual. It starts with changes in our diet. The world view and things going on in the world, wars, protests, manufactured crisis etc.. I suspect stem from a “sick mentality or psyche”. War is a sickening by-product of extreme politics, which probably led from poor leaders who are sick mentally.

This sick mentality is brought on by simply, poor diets. If the case is true, that poor diets = poor health and poor thinking or contributed to a “sick mentality”. This “sick mentality” can only be ridden through changes in ones diet. Our food and nutrition to me, extends beyond just eating, digestion and then dumping it out into the sewage systems. Nutrition is what fuels your body, helps with cell respiration. If your cells in your body are not healthy, image what years of that does do you, not only in your stomach lining, but how does that really affect your brain, and patterns of thinking?

I personally, know first hand, that when I switched or started to include more GREENS and green shakes, that my outlook on things slightly changed a bit, and for the better. Not only does it give me the energy I need to keep fueled up through out the day, it actually inspires me to write about it. Imagine if it were possible to rid the planet of all the GMO fast-food. Now I know thats not something too popular to the STONERS (including myself) because, well I’ll admit, like you all, I enjoy partaking in some of the more “pleasurable foods” every now and then, ice cream being at the top of my STONEY eats LOL. In the past it was a lot more common for me to just grab a pizza and wings on a friday because, by the end of the week I had this “fuck it, im too tired” mentality to make something to eat. I just wanted to have someone do the work for me, and someone to entertain me (watching tv). That my friends, is the epitome of laziness. That was me on most  fridays. I’d bust my ass all week at work, and by friday, and even sometimes by thursday comes around, I’d find myself burnt out. I am 26 years old for frigs sake. Why should I feel like such a burn-out slump ?

It wasn’t until I bought my Omni Blender  and started consuming mass amounts of greens into my diet that, my own “sick mentality” started to resolve itself. I see it like this, now I am just using simple logic here.. plants absorb light energy, and grow through that process called photosynthesis, where green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct. We know that from Dr. Otto Warburg, that cell respiration is key to preventing cancer, so to me it seems imperative that greens are or at least should be the primary source for food and energy if we wish to live to our fullest potential.

It only seems natural to eat an abundance of greens. Heres another perspective, the sun is responsible for growing Cannabis and among all other nice leafy greens we like to consume. Since you cannot “tangibly” eat sunlight, although there is a practice devoted to obtaining nutrition from sun gazing, you are not eating much, and is probably not practical for majority of the working world, plants and greens are the alternative to getting the same benefits. Think of this, you are eating the stored energy in the plants that was passed on from the sun. That stored energy helps radiate into your life in a much deeper way, so much so, it can influence and improve your own outlook on the world.  I am not saying that you must not eat ice cream, pizza etc, but that the main contributor to your diet if you want healthier thoughts and outlook, would be to include a lot more greens and fruits as well. We cannot neglect natures candy, fruit helps tame those sudden urges for refined sugar products.

Imagine now, if everyone was eating greens and consuming green shakes, tangibly eating the suns powerful energy, how much more vibrant peoples lives would become. In turn, their increased optimism would lead to healthier thoughts and thinking patterns which would extend to shaping the Earth into a more vibrant and healthy world to live in, overall.

That’s just my food for thought for today!



    1. i use 400 ml of water, 300 ml of juice watered down a bit, 2 bannanas, 1 lime or lemon, 1-2 good bunches of kale, 1-2 bunches of danelion greens, cilantro handful, blend that right up.. 2 banannas takes care of the bitterness from the dandelion.. its not a recipe for everyone, but i seem to like it lol!

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