The iHit – the iPhone Case that Stores your stash!! (Very cool, Tech Review!)

Alrighty, so where do I start? I mean this is PURE ingenuity and very innovative.  Sleek and discreet design, which is perfect for when you are out in the town, or traveling! It will allow you to smoke in Style, and doubles as a nice gift to a friend or loved one!

The iHit is a dugout phone case for the iPhone 5. It contains a spring loaded upper chamber that raises the one hitter pipe from the case. The lower chamber holds the smoking substance of the users choice.  The user simply opens the bottom chamber, packs the pipe and has a smoke..

Each dual-chambered iHit phone case is crafted from durable pc material and sprayed with a silicone grip for a comfortable hand feel.  The case also includes a full size cigarette style ceramic hitter. It is currently available for the iPhone 5 model and iPhone 5s Model. iHit will not stop there, they intend on making cases to fit future models as well, in case you were wondering!

It Retails for only $29.99 which is pretty much on par with any iPhone case, except this one allows you to neatly pack your one-hitter and smoking material! Very Nifty! They are on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to check them out!

**NOTE**  – Anyone wishing to do a hands on review, you can contact me for their email via

Or Contact the vendor directly!



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