Out for a RIP BUD

Just gonna go out for a rip bud!



    1. Yeah eh, haha, its too funny, I am sharing this all day tomorrow with people.. im sure theres still a good amount that haven’t seen it, but they got an impressive 3 million hits on the youtube.. im out in Ottawa 😉

      1. Oh, I miss the north! Soooo much. I’m in Texas. It’s frickin’ 70 degrees and it’s pissing me off! I want some frigid cold weather already!

      2. Oh wow, you are pretty south hey,, surprisingly, it was +5 here the other day.. it’ll prob drop back to -20 in a few days though, this mild weather won’t last.. Ottawa’s winter usually drags out to early march before the snow starts really melting away.. gonna hit the hay.. still got this song/tune in my head lmao. Have a great night!!

        -The High Canadian

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