What in the Hell is Niacin? And Why YOU may want to include it in your diet!


Okay, so before I left the military, a friend I worked close to, who was a former Med Tech, asked me if I had ever taken Niacin before..   Me being honest and curious I told him “No.” and further inquired with a  ” WTF is that ? ”  He then explained to me it was like a nitrousoxide supplement, and it helps deliver more oxygen to the heart, and among all other things,increases blood flow to the other guy between my legs lol. He pulled 2  tablets out and showed me, he  gave me 2 and said to take them when I got home or before having a round of sex.. I said “the fuck with it, ill take both right now” and I did. Little did I know, that I was about to turn red as heck like a lobster.


Now keep in mind, this is in an office/cubicle environment and I have meetings with clients on the daily, and this day, I had a client coming at about 1330 hrs (military time for 1:30 pm). So in as little as 20 minutes, as I had not eaten my lunch yet.. I start to feel a little warm and tingly, and my friend told me this would occur, the “pins and needles” as I recall he called it. So here I am sitting at my desk feeling all tingly and what, unaware to the fact my skin was becoming blotchy red around my neck face etc.. until a supervisor walked past and asked if I was feeling “Okay” or if I had been “tanning” I replied with “yes i am feeling fine” with a sort of puzzled look and replied “no” to the tanning comment. She indicated to me that I was really red, like a damn lobster. So I went to the bathroom, and to my amazement, it looked like I had infact been out tanning and got a nice sun-burn all over my body.

I returned back to my cubicle and asked my buddy if this reaction was normal, he told me that it was, and that he gets even more red than I was or something along those lines.. needless to say, I had to entertain having an appointment with a client while I was “flushing” (a term I later came to learn after researching Niacin) coincidentally enough.. The officer I had an appointment with, asked me if I had “been to the beaches” recently.. to which i kindly declined “No Sir,” and furthered with ” a friend of mine played a mild prank with giving me a vitamin to discolour my skin, its a normal occuring reaction with the vitamin, so not to worry” and we proceeded with our scheduled appointment. It was pretty hilarious from my point of view here..

After hopping online to find out the low-down on this vitamin, I confirmed that the flushing experience I went through is normal and diminishes the more ones body gets accustomed to it, ie. after 3-4 doses of 500mg -1gram of niacin the effects of the flush are not as significant. Keep in mind, I am not advocating ANYONE to take more niacin then they are comfortable with.

Start low and work up the dosage to a comfortable one as you get used to it. For me personally my dosage is typically 500 mg -1.5grams (I usually only take 1.5 grams once in a while otherwise, I take either 500mg or 1gram every other day for good health maintenance) The flushing is evidence that the Niacin ingested is dilating the blood vessels throughout the body, even the smallest ones known as capillaries, so more blood flows through them.  I learned that this is good and that Niacin works to help oxygenate the body and cell respiration. If you read my earlier post about Green For Life there was an excerpt from the book I quoted from by, Dr. Otto Warburg, that cited something about cell respiration being a huge factor when it comes to cancer prevention.  Niacin has been found to also reduce HDL (the bad) cholesterol. The vitamin is also whats known as an Exercise Mimetic, by that it tricks the body into thinking it is exercising, thus aiding in metabolizing saturated fats and carbohydrates another cool bonus!

I find taking Niacin first thing in the morning is a good way to avoid the “morning fog”.  I usually do a light stretch to go along with the increased blood circulation brought on by the niacin… Niacin has been studied at length by some very noteworthy people in the medical field, Dr. Otto Warburg a German physiologist,  Dr. Abram Hoffer a Canadian Biochemist/Physician/Psychiatrist (who coincidentally was involved with studies on LSD) also studied the effects of Niacin on patients suffering from schizophrenia.

Dr. Hoffer is also featured in this very interesting Documentary titled “Food Matters” I highly recommend watching this, if you haven’t done so already, its very thought provoking about nutrition, the food were consuming and having proper vitamins to support healthy eating!


It is imperative to all my readers that, you understand the harms and dangers associated with ‘TIMED RELEASE‘ Niacin, don’t be fooled into this marketing scheme at the sacrifice for your health. The flush you get from proper niacin is not dangerous and typically lasts no more than 45-50 minutes. Nothing wrong with looking a touch red in public, but if you can’t handle that then do like I do, and ingest in the comfort of your home in the morning for a good wake up.. For a first timer, I recommend trying it at home first so you understand the vitamins effect.. Always research vitamins and things on your own before deciding to ingest, I hope this blog entry was informative at the least!



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