I have always purchased bong cleaner from the local smoke shop, just so happens that the one in my area is called Puff A lot.  Its a pretty nice store with friendly staff.

Anyway, I am pretty particular about my glass being clean. The biggest pet peeve of mine, is when I am going to a friends place or something to smoke and only to find out that the bong hasn’t been cleaned for say a week+ or whatever… Gross!!

Not only does it look nasty to have a resin laden bong lying around, its actually a reflection of your care for personal hygiene, at least that is my view. I routinely change the water out of the bong, and will do a proper cleaning of all parts usually every 2-3 days if I got a fat sac I’m smoking on. Now lately I haven’t been putting much mileage on the bong so its just chilling in my closet.

Reasons for cleaning and changing bong water are not limited to the following:

  • preventing bacteria from spawning inside on the standing water.( Maybe the THC in the water kills bacteria, but unless someone proves me otherwise, I won’t chance it.)
  • A dirty bong also to me, affects the flavor of the weed I am smoking. (I like to taste the herb especially if its a new batch in particular. I find a dirty bong can also be a bit of a nuisance to smoke out of, if its really clogged with burnt weed and resin filled stem makes it harder for the bong to function properly. )
  • Transfer of Colds/Germs, When you have multiple people over in a session passing your bong around, who knows who had a cold recently, its probably preferable to have the bong cleaned after a session or, if your really meticulous between sessions. You can simply use an alcohol swab or wipe to clean the mouthpiece ring between passing to avoid transfer of germs.
  • Dirty Bong/bong water perpetuates that lazy stoner image. We all should strive to curtail the popular “stoner-stigma”

Here is the bong cleaner I usually buy its a tad pricey, $16.00

( I will probably start the DiY method for creating my own cleaner instead of buying more of this, although it works fantastic!!)



Orange Chronic cleans my glass back to that brand new Look every single time i’ve used it, I’ve managed to make a bottle last me approx 6-8 decent cleanings of the bong. I was unaware of homemade bong cleaner until recently.  

For the Do-it-Yourselfers you can make your own bong cleaner from Sea-Salt crystals or kosher salt combined with Isopropyl Alcohol, its probably best to get the highest proof, however it is not uncommon for rubbing alcohol to be used.

Check this video out for a quick guide for the DiY Bong Cleaner

Going back to the topic of flavours of cannabis, one particular rolling paper that sits well with me since i’ve been using them are the

RAW Papers 



I find these papers allow me to really taste the weed better. Seems like they are a bit more thin than the typical zig-zag easy rolls most people use. They get my 2 thumbs up, they also make for nice L paper joints too! I highly encourage you to try them if you have not already!



    1. Indeed it is.. this was sort of something to throw to the wind since, I’ve always noticed how dirty peoples smoke pieces are .. its just a nice gesture to have clean glass when you invite someone over for a sesh or whatever the case might be, at least thats how i host! haha..

      1. Hey, no problems at all! By all means, I am all about spreading awareness, if it benefits others please do so!
        I feel this part of stoner-hygeine is important, its part of “harm-reduction” per se.


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