The High Canadians – Omni blender Review

just my take on the Omni Blender.. blenders

Large Overview of Blenders

Product Highlights: 3 Horse Power Motor

Price: very economical $310.00 total with taxes in, free shipping in Canada

Blades: 6

 Noise Level: Lower than competing machines 

The Omni Blender was reccommended to me by the same very good friend that insisted I read Green For Life By Victoria Boutenko .. after reading that book, I felt compelled to at least include these amazing and nutrient dense green smoothies into my regular diet. I’ve learned in life that in fact, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, and that “time” is a finite resource on planet Earth. I like all of you, want to extend my time on planet earth as much as possible by staying healthy. The Green Smoothies I make with the Omni Blender allow me to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle! The benefits include but are not just limited to, improved digestion, re-balance of intestinal PH, weight loss, cleansing and simply overall health in general. What better way to get your daily intake of fruits/veggies and vitamins all at once in an TASTY Green Smoothie!! The possibilities with this machine are virtually endless! Some other cool ideas that you can use this for are to make salsa and or soups!

Enjoy Delicious Smoothies with the 3 hp Omni Blender $27 - 7yr Warranty - Free Shipping in Canada



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