Can you Get High Off Garlic? (yes, you can, sort of)

So the thought recently occurred to me, whether or not you can get any kind of stimulation or pleasure stimulus from ingesting garlic. The reason I ask is because a few nights ago, I did observe a slight increased euphoria after eating 2 fresh cloves of raw garlic (i mentioned this in my previous blog entry about Green Med Info)…  I decided to ask Google the same question and see below for the search results that came from my search query!


Astounded at the results I was!

So I began to narrow my search a little bit more by using the key words “garlic and euphoria”

The following are the search results brought up from this,


Much to my surprise, I was not alone in this quest to find the answer, it appears a handful of people or more, on the web were curious in the same topic that I was. Interesting!

So I clicked on the Finding Optimism link and I read the article, anyway the last bit of the article was of interest, and goes like

“During a recent study on the effects of garlic on cholesterol, German researchers found that participants experienced an elevation in their moods. Another study found that garlic eaters experienced less fatigue, anxiety and irritability, and had a greater sense of well-being.

It’s not an abundance of evidence by any stretch of the imagination. Does it matter? With the other health benefits on offer it makes sense to start, or increase, your consumption of garlic”

The comments section below that paragraph is what really caught my attention, see the images below or visit the link here
comments section finding opt 1

comments section finding opt 2

In the second comments image, there is a link provided to a study that actually goes into detail about the potential for a garlic extract to have Anti-depressant like effects. NEAT!!

There is one theory or idea I was curious about. It is Candida, this is the yeast that exists naturally in your intestines, its role in a healthy human is to “Candida usually lives at peace with our other intestinal fauna, the acidophilus and bifido bacteria, and it is these bacterial residents that keep candida under control, preventing a “population burst.” Candida’s function in the body is mainly to gobble up any putrefied food matter in our digestive system (mostly caused by improper digestion due to low stomach acid) before any potentially harmful bacteria can have a feast, multiply, and become threatening to our health. After we die, candida acts to decompose the body, feeding off our corpse, much like a fungal mold on a dead tree.”

Cool so, Candida is not all that bad.. however I did clue on to something, Candida likes to feed off of poorly digested food. What does that mean? Well for me, and most of you out there, that means, more MASTICATING.. more chewing to help digest your food, and it probably means to slow down when you eat, since if you rush, your tendency to chew less becomes apparent. Have you ever noticed that drunk feeling after indulging a high carbohydrate meal, like perhaps at Thanksgiving..or just out with friends? Feeding your body that feeds Yeast, fuels Candida overgrowth. Candida overgrowth is taxing on your immune system as noted in the article I referenced to above.

This is serious, because say, I had some symptoms showing up for which I was unaware of the root cause. Say I headed over to the doctor, they couldn’t really narrow it down but decide to prescribe anti-biotics for something on the surface ie. a visual symptom to them they are trying to treat, but the underlying cause, may very well have been Candidiases.. see where I am going with this? Now if that were true I might be plaguing my body full of antibiotics!! Not good.

Now I forget where the link is or the reference, but I do remember reading something where someone alluded to the fact that, perhaps Garlic is killing off some Candida when you eat it raw, and thus why I experienced the Euphoric feeling, it could be the Candida dying off producing ethyl alcohol which caused me to feel the euphoria, or perhaps my body was just deeply happy since the garlic was assisting my intestinal bacteria. Something to think about hey?

Please post comments of your experience with either Garlic or Candida or both! I’d love to read them! I even dare you to try and eat two raw garlic cloves chopped. You must chew them quick and then swallow with water, if you don’t notice anything from two, try 3-4 cloves worth. It might seem like a lot, but maybe its just the amount you need if you are really ridden with Candida Overgrowth!

In close, did I answer my title question “can you get high off candida?” no, but I think we can all agree that there is a mood lift quality hidden within this little gem of a herb/spice, so with that in mind, if getting high means elevating ones mood, then the answer is yes! Keep in mind the other health benefits related to garlic, if you are uncertain of them, do your homework and read up!! Try it out for yourself! Experiment!

Edit: I just came across this, note it could be dangerous, but I found it hilarious to read lol… Anyway, a woman I believe was trying to rid herself of a Vaginal Yeast infection with Garlic and got a Clove stuck up there somewhere, I found it funny how the suggestions came in with intricate ways to get it to fall out! Note to my readers, I do not recommend stuffing Garlic up your Yoohoo. If you’re yeasty, fix it the safe way!

clove stuck in me lol


-The Truth about Garlic & Candida

-Candida, Hair Loss, and Scalp Folliculitis 


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