The War on Drugs is Redonkulous, latest HSBC Lawsuit is the evidence to this claim!


So now you’re all thinking yeah its already been blogged, but I want to re-blog about this since it is a relevant issue. The bigger picture is that, it is not unthinkable that these large banks have supported terrorists / drug cartels in the past when one opens their eyes up to the recent  revelations of the latest HSBC lawsuit.

In sum up, this article goes on to indicate that HSBC was forced to fork over 1.9 billion, a mere 5 weeks earnings for the bank. That is not enough, that is not holding them accountable at all. They ought to be out of business outright, or is that too much? 

I would love all of your input, what do you feel or think is adequate punishment to hold these people accountable? I mean there has got to be balance somewhere right?

I wont spoil the rest of the article, I encourage you all to read it, its lengthy, but enlightening.


-The High Canadian


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