CONSUMING WEED IN CANADA IS LEGAL (here’s why, Opinion Piece)



So the title may appear misleading, but think about this for a minute.. i did, i gave it some thought check it below

They cannot arrest everyone that consumes pot/weed in Canada…  we all know this, its too much work, too much wasted resources, there is too many of us plain and simple …As far as i am concerned, the act of smoking weed is LEGAL in Canada, its rarely can walk down the street and puff openly without hassle for the most part, as i’ve yet to witness incident…  and now that we got a federal employee (the RCMP Mountie that was in the news as of late Cpl Ron Francis) setting the precedent for federal employees who are prescribed marijuana. Pretty much the Federal government has failed its citizens in clarifying Federal employee regulations for consuming Marijuana if they got a medical prescription, they have yet to determine to accommodate this as of the recent revelation in the news..  

What is not LEGAL yet, is engaging in open commerce for recreational users, and growing, yet Canadians still grow and sell weed regardless of the law.. we are unable to be claiming related expenses to ones WEED business via Canada Revenue Agency.. so we cannot yet write Weed off as a tax write off yet or make claims for related expenses, but we will get there! SMOKE YOUR LEGAL WEED, cuz they can’t stop us! CANADA IS A NATION TO BE RECKONED WITH. This is Not HARPER’s Canada.. this is OUR Canada, OUR Country, OUR Land, If Harper doesn’t like WEED, then he can leave.. he’s a buzz kill anyway, just look at his whack hairstyle or lack thereof



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