The Marriage of the Sun and Moon (book review)

Alrighty folks,

The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Consciousness



Dr. Weil has compiled a fountain of some of the most unbiased research and details his personal experiences traveling around the globe to other cultures and experiencing their rituals and how cultures actually utilize “drugs” as tools to connect with higher consciousness, increasing their awareness. It is especially refreshing to read about his experiences and even more his approach to giving the reader information. He delivers information the negatives and the positives from each drug. After reading this book one could conclude simply, that Drugs are neither “Good” nor “Bad” it is how the individual decides to approach drugs. There is a very thin line between “Drug Use” and “drug abuse” and in Dr. Weil conveys this in his book. He even makes a point in the Chapter about “Sugar” and even draws comparisons to that and heroin and how perhaps Sugar is not all that safe or benign as we believe it to be.

Dr. Weil, could not be more right with that assertion that sugar is now a culprit among society especially in North America as waistlines continue to expand ever increasingly with diabetes on the rise.

I definitely reccomend this read to the curious, and to any of those looking for another perspective towards Drugs and how they can be used in responsible fashion to increase one’s own awareness of the cosmic universe.

You can also access his site through here to see his other various titles. 


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