Police + Media Overstate dangers of Marijuana Grow Industry

As per the title says.. an article recently came out, you can read it here

is indicative that the police colluded with the media to overstate the dangers of growing marijuana.

This does not come as a surprise to me, however, but its nice to see some coverage on the issue on this front. I mean honestly, how much more of this BS can we expect? Are we of Citizens of Canada going to keep taking the government’s word as the “truth” ?

How many more goddamn lies are we going to put up with? how many more scandals among other crap.  Are we not getting Fed up as a Nation? The same can be said about the United States.. Are their people not tired yet of being lied to through the Mainstream mouthpiece? Are we due for revolution or revolt? Should our federal government not be held accountable for failed policy? I mean its not even clear according to Calgary Police Chief in this article, we are seeing more and more police come forward and voicing their concerns on this front and how its a waste of resources and clogging the courts see this article also..

I guess the ultimate question is, how many more police chiefs will we need to chime in on this issue before action is take?? Enough is enough already, Canadians deserve a clear and concise policy if not, outright legalization. We are not living in the dark ages anymore, sheesh!

It appears to me, while the rest of the world is looking to soften penalties/legalize marijuana, Canada is idly sitting on the sidelines.. we lost our brand of being a progressive nation in that area of the law.
Thanks Mr. Harper!

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