A Close encounter with the law LOL

So here is an interesting story about me and my loving GF…

One sunday Morning (20 Jul 13) to be exact, me and my gf are driving to get some laundry done, while we were having lunch at her parents. Well driving out of Quebec to Ottawa I was pulled over for doing 81 in a 50 zone. 

I just got my spliff lit too goddamnit. I had rolled like a two-paper spliff and people were driving a bit slow, that frustrated me. I ended up missing the “50km ahead” sign and well the cherries came on. I quickly stashed my joint putting it out at the same time, and hid my bag of kush.

My girlfriend tried to get some of my cologne to spray to help cover the smell , she was looking out for me =)  and but the cap flew off so we couldnt spray it in time. I ended up pulling over after performing a 3 pt turn infront of the cop because i pulled over into an oncoming traffic lane by accidnent lol. I am driving with Ontario plates in Quebec to top it off… 

The officer approaches my window of the car, to which i only cracked about an inch, and asked if there was a problem. He then asserted in broken english that “it smells like marijuana in your car i will need you to step out of your vehicle. I straight up denied everything eventhough it was obvious. (bad move on my part lol)  When i stepped out of my vehicle i even tried to close my door behind me as it was locked so not to let him enter and search my car. My girlfriend sitting in her seat still at this point. 

The officer then proceeded to search me as SOP (standard operating procedure), slapped the cuffs on me and put me in the back seat of the cruiser while he had my gf sit on the curb and searched her purse and my vehicle.

He put in a solid effort of about 15 mins searching high and low for my shit and eventually found my kush. He returned to his crusier where i was seated in the backseat (damn those cuffs were uncomfortable lol) and he then asked me some questions, i told him i had one charge prior in 2010 and then claimed the weed he found to be mind.

We chatted briefly, then he interrupted me and said ” i know what i am going to do with this” took me out of the car, cuffs came off, gave me back my stuff and wrote me a ticket for speeding totaling $196.00

Me and my Girlfriend continued on our journey after, relieved at the outcome of the situation eventhough, text book, i did everything you shouldn’t do and still he exercised discretion and let me go about my business.. we ended up giving a hitchhiker from belgium a ride to the road heading towards montreal and I hooked him up with some free kush as my good deed. I wanted to ensure he got to experience the pot Canada has to offer.

That was indeed my closest brush with the law when it comes to pot. I learned my lesson needless to say lol.

I am including a copy of the ticket.. less some of the details you can see the value of the ticket though,



Its interesting to note, how recently the Tories have reconsidered their position on the laws regarding pot possession and penalization since Justin Trudeau came to admit smoking marijuana while serving on the hill, check it out here


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